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Embarking on a big move can prompt a hundred questions. You might want to know: How much will it cost? Will packing and moving take a long time? What’s the best way to ship my belongings? How can I keep track of my possessions? Fortunately, you can rely on Chattanooga United Van Lines to answer these questions and many more. Let Chattanooga United Van Lines help eliminate the stress of moving. Our services include competitive prices, shipment protection, an online personalized move planner, and a variety of top moving packages. If you are in search of moving services in Chattanooga, United Van Lines can fill your need.

So why choose Chattanooga United Van Lines’ moving services? We are committed to making your move successful from start to finish. No matter your reason for moving, Chattanooga United Van Lines will be able to assist you before, during, and after your move. We start with an in-home survey to determine your moving needs. Then, our professional packing team will arrive to begin packing 1-2 days before your departure date from Chattanooga. Upon moving day, we will load your belongings after taking inventory and confirming that inventory with your signature. And delivery day is just as easy. Simply meet your driver at your new home, where we will unload your belongings, and confirm your inventory once again. We can take care of everything!

When it comes to moving, customers have been putting their trust in our services for decades. With over 60 years of experience helping individuals and families move, United Van Lines is well-equipped to handle your move. How can Chattanooga United Van Lines assist you? Go online to fill out our form and get a quote from United Van Lines and learn how easy moving with United in Chattanooga, Tennessee can be!